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About Us

Show. Art. Music. International Tours.

SAMIT (Show Art Music International Tours) Event Group is a young events company that has quickly risen to become one of the premier, fastest-growing show production and management groups in the Middle East. Made up of an ambitious and driven team of talented professionals from all over the world with a wide variety of experience in this sector, the group specialises in the field of arts and culture, with a particular focus on bringing some of the biggest cultural events in the world to the Middle East, as well as producing and organising their own projects in this sector.


Having taken on the mission to expand the reach of our global cultural heritage, while also broadening its appreciation to all corners of the Middle East, SAMIT regularly collaborates with a host of world-renowned musicians, conductors, composers, and other artists from all areas, incorporating both the stars of today as well as the up-and-coming talents that shall form the upper echelons of tomorrow. Through its carefully-cultivated relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as a series of distinguished institutions, venues, and festivals from around the globe, SAMIT aids these artists in launching a new stage of their careers in this vibrant and exciting region whose vast potential still remains relatively untapped.


Since its inception, SAMIT has already made good on this promise, embarking upon a large number of projects including music festivals, international orchestra tours, concerts, exhibitions, and other events, organised both through its own in-house projects, as well as through a series of collaborations with a diverse group of international cultural organisations. Moreover, in tandem with its global partners, SAMIT has also taken up the remit of expanding cultural development through increased educational opportunities, hosting various cultural academies, workshops, masterclasses, lectures, and seminars to help train and foster the development of tomorrow’s world.

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